Earning Money Online
My philosophy is to keep it simple.
Does that suit you? Great! Let's go...
First - Grab Your "FREE Re-Brandable Marketing System" and uncover a wealth of marketing tools, tuition and the information you need to succeed >>>>>
WARNING! This information will change your life!


"Does Copy Paste Paydays give you everything you need to copy and paste and make money?"


Copy Paste Paydays gives you over the shoulder training and the highest converting emails, bonus pages and Facebook statuses that have been written by a 6-figure copywriter designed to make SALES.


Tools of the Trade (You only NEED one)

The only ESSENTIAL tool you need is an email autoresponder.

You can choose any service you like... my weapon of choice is GetResponse which has a 30-Day Free Trail.

A domain name and website hosting are the next things you'll need.

Other than that you are all set :)

Free Traffic For Life *Updated 14/4/2017

My video course is deliberately built on a FREE platform to show you how you can keep your costs to a minimum when starting out.

You'll learn how to brand yourself, make videos, banners and more...at NO cost!

I update the training as often as time permits and when I am asked for a certain topic to be covered. I'll let you know when I post a new training video by email.

Motivational Videos

Have you ever tried to get yourself motivated to get some work done, only to find yourself getting nowhere fast?

Sometimes a friendly face or a kick up the rear is all you need to get going again.

Grab a drop of inspiration here.

What You Can Learn and Why You Should

Hi, I'm Ed Kirwan and I've been marketing online for a long time. It certainly wasn't easy to get going in the early years, believe me!

As I work in my business I continue to learn new things everyday. And I swore to myself, that when I had a simple system in place that anyone starting out could copy,
I'd GIVE it away for FREE.

What you'll learn from my training will save you tons of money and shave years off the time it takes to start earning money online. This is how you can start with a minimum budget and scale up as time goes by. I hope it serves you well.

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List Building

Email marketing is the surest way to always have a stream of targeted visitors to your offers and services in any business.

Video Marketing

There are as many ways to use videos as there are marketers. The focus is on working with and ranking YouTube videos.

Social Media

The easiest way to brand yourself online is through social media - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest