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Hello and welcome! You are in the right place if you are looking to escape the drudgery of working for others or if you are stuck with what to do next.

I'll give and share with you the simple marketing techniques and strategies that work and help you build a profitable online business without the fluff.

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Ed Kirwan

Guides and Mini-Courses

How to start a new online business from scratch and turn it into a 6 figure income in a year in your spare time.
The Simplest Way To Rank Videos on Page #1 and Increase Sales! I've been using this for years - UPDATED
Your roadmap to building a 6-figure income using only 3 free tools.
The Newsletter For Email Marketers - Weekly Tips & Strategies For Higher Conversions
How I create marketing material for my products and promotions and how you can too, starting today.
Grab this no-strings micro-PDF to find out how Tony earns six figures a year online working a GENUINE three hours per day.
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