Building the Foundation of Your Email Marketing Empire

by Ed Kirwan
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“How To Make $100 a Day with Emails” is a new email marketing video course that teaches everything you need to know about building the foundation of your email marketing empire.

How To Make $100 a Day with Emails

In Part 1 we embark on the foundational steps that will set you on the path to email marketing success.

Aurelian is my French partner, and he narrates the videos. His guidance throughout the course is not just informative; it’s actionable.

Here are the key takeaways from Part 1:


Build Your Email List: The journey begins with the essential task of building your email list. Aurelian advises the use of an autoresponder like ConvertKit or to initiate this critical process for your online business.

This step is the bedrock of your email marketing success, and offers user-friendly tools to get you started.

Define Your Value Proposition: Aurelian places strong emphasis on offering value to your potential subscribers. You’re encouraged to provide valuable content or resources. PDF guides, video tutorials, or free email courses act as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list.

The key here is to make your promise crystal clear and centred on delivering real benefits to your audience.

Create Multiple Entry Points: Diversifying your email capture methods is the name of the game. Squeeze pages, known for their significantly higher conversion rates compared to traditional sign-up forms, are introduced as powerful tools.

Aurelian goes a step further by recommending the creation of various squeeze pages, each with different promises, to maximise your conversion rates. This strategy allows you to cater to a broader audience with varying interests and needs.

Leverage Pop-Up Forms: The course doesn’t stop at squeeze pages; it also guides you on the strategic placement of pop-up forms. Aurelian advises the placement of these attention-grabbing forms at the top and bottom of your blog posts.

This tactical approach ensures that you capture the attention of your readers effectively, increasing the likelihood of acquiring new subscribers.

Tap into Video Content: For those exploring the world of video marketing on platforms like YouTube, Aurelian provides valuable insights. He encourages the integration of email sign-up calls to action at the end of your YouTube videos.

Furthermore, he suggests providing links to your squeeze pages in your video descriptions. This multi-pronged approach leverages the power of video content to boost your email sign-ups.

Harness the Power of Instagram: Aurelian recognises the limitations of Instagram, which allows only one link in your bio. However, he doesn’t see this as a hindrance; instead, he views it as an opportunity.

He introduces tools like LinkTree and/or templates that enable you to create a landing page with multiple options for your Instagram audience. This innovative approach allows you to promote various lead magnets and increase your chances of collecting valuable email addresses.

Optimise with Split Testing: Split testing is a strategy that some think is overrated. However, Aurelian believes it’s still worth considering in the long run. He suggests starting with split-testing different promises to determine what converts best over time.

This approach aligns with the course’s overarching principle of continuous improvement.

In summary, Part 1 of this course provides a clear and actionable system for building the foundation of your email marketing empire.

The emphasis is on building your email list, offering value, creating multiple entry points, strategically using pop-up forms, and tapping into the power of video content.

Importantly, Aurelian reminds us that you don’t need an astronomical subscriber count to start generating income from your email list; even a modest daily influx of new subscribers can lead to a substantial income over time.

I’ll write a post covering Parts 2 and Part 3 soon and link here when I do. In the meantime, check out the introductory video of “How To Make $100 a Day with Emails” totally free of charge and start building the foundation of your email marketing empire.

Go here to see the first video

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