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3 Ways To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

by Ed Kirwan
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In order to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level you must improve your landing page conversion rates. In turn this will take your profits to the next level and give you an advantage over all of the other affiliates out there. Why? Because they are often using the same landing pages, the same presale page and the same funnels, whereas testing your own ad copy and testing your own elements can give you a huge, huge advantage.

Now, for most of my career I’ve just been copying, rather emulating, what other marketers do. I do a lot of research and I find what are the best marketers currently doing in their funnels. What are they saying, and I use similar ad copy, I use similar images, I use everything that is similar, because there is no need to change things that work.

And once you get more comfortable with marketing, and once you get more comfortable with your abilities, to write your own ads, and to write your own ad copy, and to put in your own images or videos, which I suggest you do as soon as possible, you’ll start learning that you can affect the outcome.

Also, you can create even more profitability for yourself and you can make things better over time. Now I’m going to go over three strategies to help you make your pre-sell pages or your landing pages much better, and convert much higher.

The first landing page conversion rates strategy.

Urgency. Urgency is so important as most people are going through their lives with zero urgency. Most people on the internet have nothing to do and they have no reason they’re indecisive, they don’t want to buy anything. And much of what affiliate marketing is about is getting people to make generally it’s you know, purchase products that that they may not have thought of purchasing before. So you need to add urgency to help people make that purchase decision and buy a product.

Strictly Limited Time OfferSo ways you can add urgency are simply saying, “This is a strictly limited time offer” or “Offer currently available” Those are ways to add urgency. But what if there’s a product is expiring soon?

Let’s say the product is is only available till the end of the month, that adds a lot of urgency. Or let’s say the product is only available to the end of the week. Okay. Or let’s say you have a special discount going on, that adds a lot of urgency.

You see it all the time in traditional advertising – Store closing soon – All goods must go. Store closing this Friday – Coming right now everything 80% off, you won’t get that 80% off deal after Friday because the store will be closed. So there’s a huge degree of urgency there to get this done.

Another way you can add urgency is “Save! This offer is good until Friday“. Right? It might be good after Friday, you know you could wordsmith things in the golf, you know, the discount could be good after Friday. But if you say something along the lines of “Discount good until end of week“, that adds a lot of urgency to whatever it is that you are marketing.

Okay, so again, don’t do anything that is blatantly false. Finding ways to give people an urgency to act right now, instead of clicking off your page and going back to whatever activities they’re doing on the internet, is a very powerful way of helping you get the sale and get that conversion rate up. You can make your ads turn into more profits for you too so you can fund whatever it is that you’re trying to do in your life.

The second conversion rate element is scarcity.

Okay, the second the second way to improve your landing page conversion rate is unbelievably powerful These are, I just want to stress, these three tactics alone can take your marketing to a whole other level. It can make your ads work better, your pre-sell, bridge and landing pages work better.

Okay, very closely related to urgency. But once again, if in your ad in your website you have, you can have verbiage along the lines of limited quantities of if you can say stuff like limited quantities available, if you’re selling a physical product, you are limited by limited quantities, it’s it’s it’s just a fact there isn’t, you know, there isn’t a, you know, just just on, you know, endless supplies of, you know, physical goods. So telling people, if an even better is if you could tell people exactly how many items you have left, if you have seven products left, that’s a really good reason to act right now.

Now, let’s say for my webinars, only 500 people can join at a time. Telling people that only 500 seats are available on my webinar, “Make sure you get registered now“, that’s a real reason to register for a webinar or for a training. Same thing goes with a lot of things.

If you look at concert tickets, if you look at real estate, the scarcity inherent in real estate and buying in a hot area, New York City, for instance, there’s limited amounts of apartments available, and especially for condos, or what have you, there’s a limited amount of houses available, they’re called brownstones in New York City. So when a new house comes available in New York City, there’s a huge, there’s massive scarcity, and the prices go way up. 

Because everyone would want to buy a house in New York City, therefore, the value of it goes way up. And the same goes for marketing is the value for anything that is scarce goes way through the roof. For the best concert tickets to Cold Play or Rolling Stones, the value goes way up. Because, you know, first off, these guys are kind of old. So who knows how much longer they’ll be touring?

And second off is there’s just limited seats available at whatever stadiums they’re playing at. So there’s serious scarcity there. And if you want to get a ticket, you better buy one sooner rather than later. Because if you don’t buy a concert ticket to one of those really hot concerts, you’re going to be left with either having to pay sky high prices or you’re not going to be able to go.

So finding ways to add scarcity in your marketing can take things to a totally next level, and really help you help you improve your landing page conversion rates and convert more of your clicks into sales.

The third element of improving conversion rates.

Now the third element here is just as powerful. I’d say these are the big Kahunas right here. But the third element is social proof. And what that means is if you can use if you can utilize the social proof of other more notable people, let’s say that are recommending your product, or more trustworthy people recommending your product that can help you sell things. So for instance, if I were to try to sell you this, this pillow, and I said hey, this is a this is a pillow from IKEA probably won’t mean much. There’s not there’s not you know, it’s just, it’s at IKEA.

That doesn’t mean much!

But if I said “Hey, this pillow is the same pillow that Brad Pitt has at his house.” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt helps improve conversion rateswhoever, I don’t know but Brad Pitt’s house, that would add a huge degree of credibility for those that like Brad Pitt or his movies. That would be a huge incentive, that will give you a much better reason to buy this pillow than say, “Oh, here’s some random pillow I found” versus “Brad Pitt recommends and uses these pillows in his house.

That adds massive, massive pull. So finding if the product you’re promoting does have celebrity social proof can help you out a lot. But on the other side, if let’s say I’m drinking tea.

If I say, “This is really good tea” that’s OK. But if I said “Dr. Oz recommends this tea for weight loss” that adds a whole different meaning to what is inside my cup. And Dr. Oz, he’s a well known doctor, so he provides a lot of social proof to help things.

Similarly, if I said, hey, these pants, are helping my knee heel, you might say, “Okay, who gives…”, whereas if I said, “These pants are derma, you know, orthopaedic and dermatology, recommended to help heal and repair the skin cells on the knee/” That adds a whole different meaning because there’s social proof there. The social proof in this case, is the fact that it is dermatologist recommended or orthopaedic recommended.

That’s social proof.

Landing page conversion ratesUse that transference of social proof of doctors or orthopaedic surgeons or paediatricians or whatever you have to help sell your particular product, if you have it. Now, if you don’t have a doctor or celebrity or some other social proof, like some athletes’ seal of approval, what you can also do is you can simply use social proof from previous customers.

The more notable the previous customer, the more notable they would be with your potential customer. Let’s say we’re selling weight loss. If I showed Mama June who was a very overweight, obese, reality TV show celebrity,  I might say, “Mama June says that this product is the best.” Again, that’s a testimonial from somebody well known.

But just having a testimonial about a product from a regular person, let’s say Angie in this example. With weight loss, if I had a quote from Angie from Iowa says “This tea helped me lose five pounds in two weeks. I highly recommend this to anybody who’s struggling to lose weight.” Just by the fact that this is a real person, third party, giving their recommendation for the product you’re trying to sell, helps out a lot.


“Customer testimonials give a huge reason to buy”

If you look at Yelp, Yelp uses social proof because they have reviews. Most people don’t go to Yelp just to see where the location of a restaurant is. People will go to Yelp to actually see the reviews. Or you look at or on Amazon, for instance, you look at how many stars something has, if it has five stars, it means other people have said this product is really good.

Whereas if you see a product that that has an average rating of two stars or three stars, you start to think something’s wrong. So that’s social proof and it can help a lot. Five stars, looking at other customers what they said, what they like, what they dislike about the products, that will help sell a product. The reviews alone, ca help sell the product. Just seeing something with five stars is a reason to go with that product versus another one that has four stars.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
So find ways to use urgency, scarcity and social proof on your websites. Put up testimonials, find ways to add urgency – “It is only good for the next week” or “This deal is good until the next week.

However you do it will help you improve your landing page conversion rates, increase your profitability and it will give you a massive advantage over affiliate marketers who are not using urgency, scarcity and social proof in their marketing. You should split-test ways of doing this on your own landing pages, in your presale pages, your ads or in pages that you’ve been given or any web pages you create. I highly recommend you share what you’re doing or how you do this, with your peers too and also look at how others are doing it. 


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