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The question you may ask is “Why Work Backwards?”

Learn to Work BackwardsI want to talk briefly about why I work backwards and how it works. You see, by working backwards, using this method, you can create your whole sales funnel quicker than ever.

You should also know before we start that this kind of marketing applies for digital products, physical products and benefits all kinds of services both online and offline.

If you work on your sales funnel from the front to the back, then you can experience what is called ‘writer’s block’. Once you understand how the brain works, how it thinks and why working forward can often create that writer’s block, then you’ll understand why I work backwards. It’ll make a lot more sense.

What I really do is start with the end in mind, create the final result first.

But before that, the goal at the end of the article is to help you learn the best ways to put all your products or your services into your sales funnel.

The secondary goal is to help you understand that you will create the highest converting funnel right from the beginning. Obviously, you’re going to want to test and tweak and improve on that once it is live but if you understand how you can create a higher converting funnel, immediately, that will help you in the future.

So, at the end of the article, you should have the ability to create sales funnels really, really fast. At the same time I want to make sure that you are not spending a great deal of time creating all the products in your sales funnel.

The problem is…

What often happens is that you get a writer’s block and then you get product-creation block. These things could be a major factor in stopping you from Work Backwardsactually achieving your goals. So, if this helps remove that block from your mind, this will speed the entire process up.

This working backwards strategy was created after producing many different products again and again and again, for many years. The breakthrough was finding a way to accelerate this whole process. As opposed to spending a month or perhaps half a year to create a sales funnel, you finish up creating your whole blueprint within a matter of 5 minutes. This may take you 15 minutes when you just get going. But it really shouldn’t take you long to create your sales funnel blueprint.

At this time, you probably or possibly have some form of information overload. So before we actually delve into the strategies, the methods and the tricks of the trade, I really like to begin with mindset. Because we really should see to it that that your mindset is correct before you jump in because that can often be the major handicap whether we see it or not.

If you’ve read a load of books, you’ve watched a ton of video courses and gained a good deal of knowledge and wisdom but you still don’t understand the best way to apply that knowledge you’ll go on finding stumbling block after stumbling block after stumbling block – and I’ll guess you’re extremely frustrated and confused too 🙁

So, if you DO have information overload and you really would like to progress, what you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, the same as taking baby steps. If you have to split this up into baby steps, that’s fine. It’s not a race.

I know that maybe you’ve heard that again and again again, but that’s only because it true.

For you to create a product, you’ve got to really think about those baby steps. And those baby steps are important because when you check them off, they wind up becoming motivational. Pat yourself on the back and feel proud because you’ve completed them.

So let’s explore this working backwards thing.

When I say it’s a backwards funnel, you’re probably thinking, “Well, I can’t work backwards. That sounds a little too complicated for me.” This really isn’t as hard as it sounds. In reality, when you experience it, you’re going to be astounded. You’re probably going to think, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?”

So, once you understand how things work, it’s sure to be a lot easier because actually, working backwards is easier than the other way round.

It’s quite simple really.

All you have to do is to start creating your luxury or high ticket item first! The majority of people start with a lead magnet or free giveaway but this is making life harder than it should be. So let’s say we plan to build a sales funnel with just 2 OTO’s (one-time offers).

First build your high ticket service or product. Once you have your high ticket offer created you divide it and offer a part of it as your 1st OTO. Take a small part of that and turn it into your F/E (front end offer). Finally use a small part of the F/E and turn it into your lead magnet or giveaway or freebie (call it what you will). Put it on your landing page and your done.

Take a minute to envision this and it will all make sense to you as to why I’m working backwards.

The benefits of working backwards are that you don’t get writer’s block trying to produce something bigger and better to follow your free offer. You basically only build one product then divide it into smaller pieces. And most importantly you get continuity throughout your whole funnel and service or product line.

Showing you exactly how this is put together in practice is a little beyond the scope of the article but I hope you get the idea and can put it into action. Build your high ticket product and take bits away for your second OTO, your first OTO and finally your free offer.

If you see the benefits of the working backwards method and want to take this a step further you can see several practical examples. I’ll  show you the conceptual stuff, the fundamentals and really put this into practical real world applications all on video.

I’ll show you 3 examples like consulting and high value packages in different niches and all in just 5 minutes for each one. I’ll go through them to make sure that you can really see and truly understand this whole backward funnel method. It’s bound to make your life a lot easier.

Are you ready for this? If so, good, let’s proceed. See what the backward funnel method can do in more detail here.

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Go ahead, leave a comment, it would be great to hear your take on creating sales funnels.


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