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What is Video SEO?

Video SEO or search engine optimization is providing Google and YouTube with enough information to be able to make your video relevant for what people are searching for.

Watch the video and I’ll show you how to apply it to your videos.


OK. What did you think of that?

Do you see how easily you can do that? Now you can rank your videos very quickly without all the tiresome, time consuming keyword research you normally have to do.


I know that seems fairly obvious now and this post is not designed to be the definitive work on optimizing YouTube videos. Maybe it’ll give you an Ah ha! moment.


Instead I wanted to show you a quick keyword research method that effectively SEO’s your videos in seconds.


You see, people spend a huge amount of time and effort on keyword research which is totally unnecessary if you use this method.


In the video I’m using MyPayingAds as an example but you can apply the method to any reasonable keyword in any niche and get similar or even better results than this one. 


Here’s what one of my students who took action did in a few minutes…



If he can do it so can you. 


But let’s move on and complete the picture…


It it’s pretty obvious too, why video SEO is important.


Unless you SEO your video well it won’t be seen by the majority of people looking for your particular keyword.


The information in your video may be perfect for what they’re looking for but the less you SEO the video correctly no one will find it.


No visitors, no sales!


If you prefer to read rather than watch…


Here’s how to SEO your video quickly and easily.


Go to YouTube and type in the search bar your keyword, the keyword you want to rank.


Simply copy the page all the text on the page and put it on a notepad. Edit and select the titles you want to use in your description. 5 or 6 is normally sufficient.


This gives a very strong SEO signal to the search engines that your video is relevant to those that you found on this page for the keyword you want to rank for. 


After adding your title and any links you want your visitors to visit after watching the video copy and paste the information you got from YouTube into your description box.
Add your tags, share your video and ping the URL, like I showed you in this post, to ensure the search engines find it quickly.


Now you know why video SEO is so important and also how to rank your videos on Google and YouTube without much effort.


This method works very well and for individuals and businesses who want  just to rank a few videos, it is not too time consuming.


How to Rank Like Pro


If you’re a professional video marketer (or want to be) you want to be able to rank many, many more videos at will in as short a time as possible. 


How about 100’s a day?


Yes, that’s right.


Now, if your quick, you can do this, thanks to an old buddy of mine who has come up with a way to create, keyword, SEO, monetize and rank videos quickly and easily in bulk.


Limited Edition Software


This is Very Limited Edition Software and won’t be available for long.


Limited Edition Software Release




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