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WillieCrawford- video marketing softwareWhat I Like About Willie Crawford

I have long been an admirer of Willie Crawford. I have bought several of his products, attended many webinars and followed his recommendations to my financial benefit. But more importantly, I have taken his advice to heart.

The very first thing I learnt from Willie was this. “Whatever you do take MASSIVE action”.

I thought I knew what he meant back then when I first read it but I was wrong. Think about it for a second. What does it mean to you? Massive action means that you need to spend about 80% of your working day marketing. Not website or video building. Not product creation or doing SEO tasks. Not checking emails, your stats or what your friends are saying on Skype. It means… marketing. More on massive action in a minute.

Since I learned that and implemented it in all I do, my income has of course improved and your will too if you follow this advice.

The other great thing about Willie is that he is so “normal”. OK, maybe not the best compliment or best word to use but here is what I mean by that. Despite all his years of experience, the wealth he has accumulated and the friends he has in high places, he always comes across as if he cares about you. And I believe he does. He is one of life’s gentlemen and a damn fine marketer to boot.

As the years have gone by I must say that when I get an email from Willie I open it 9 times out of 10. Often there are some nuggets of information I can use without buying anything.  One of the biggest nuggets is actually watching how he structures many of his emails. It is a lesson in email marketing in itself. You only have to visit Willie’s website to get on his subscriber’s list.

Its The Best Internet Marketing Advice You Will Ever Get…

  • Do You Need More Subscribers Or Website Visitors?
  • Do You Need Better Conversion Rates From Your Website Visitors?
  • Do You Need Proven Tactics For Recruiting And Motivating Affiliates
  • Do You Need Proven Tools And Techniques For Making More Affiliate Sales?
  • Do You Need Guidance In Choosing A Niche That Will Actually Be Profitable?
  • Do You Need Help In Creating And Launching A Product?
  • Do You Need More Effective Automated Follow-up Solutions
  • Do You Want To More Effectively Use Your Websites To Get Customers Through Your Main Street Storefront?

Getting back to taking massive action

This massive action thing can be very daunting unless you automate or outsource a lot of the processes. Even with videos and video software, you have to do as much work after the video is published as you did to get it published. In order to get the necessary work done to make a significant impact on your income you need some automation. I have several tools and tricks of the trade I use in order to rank my videos in competitive niches. You may have seen some of them and use them yourself.

Naturally, I have developed my video marketing skills over several years. I have implemented what I have learned from Willie and others, like Cliff Carrigan and Peter Drew. But even using the knowledge and software I have, I am always on the look out for something that will make my life easier and more profitable.

So it is a good job that I open Willie’s emails and connect with him on Facebook. Why? Because just last week he showed me something quite special that he has been working on for the last 9 months or so with his friend Hana.

How To Build A SOLID 6-Figure Income Without SEO Or Any IT-Related Knowledge

OK. I have let the cat out of the bag! But with good reason…

Willie has amassed a fortune in knowledge over the years and he loves to share that knowledge. So who better than him to show you how to build your fortune. If you only have your foot on the bottom rung of the ladder there is no need to feel intimidated. Willie is somewhat grand-fatherly in the way he can ease his teachings into you so you can progress your business at your own pace.

More advanced marketers will all be familiar with Willie as the amount of accolades awarded him are countless. Willie is the Marketer’s Marketer. “When Willie speaks I listen” I don’t remember where I read that first but I do know it was from another well thought of internet marketer. The point is, Willie has spoken, I listened and I suggest you do  too.

You can hear what he has to say on Tuesday night this week (September 3rd) at 8pm EST in a special webinar he is holding with Hana. I already have my place booked and you can book your place here.


How To Build A SOLID 6-Figure Income Without SEO Or Any IT-Related Knowledge


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