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Uses of a VPNUses of a VPN Service

Thousands of people have their computers attacked every day. It seems that despite being widely publicized, the threat of hackers and bots are not taken seriously enough… until it happens!

Lets look at some reasons and uses of a VPN service.

Home  Users

Cable and DSL suppliers are well known for not filtering their network from vultures! Numerous Internet home users on cable television and DSL leave their systems vulnerable. A virus can easily contaminate a susceptible system without the understanding of the computer user. With a VPN connection, hackers can not pinpoint the specific IP address and therefore attacks cannot happen.

Hotspot Wireless Users

Wireless internet access have many susceptibilities that may draw out those nasty mischievous makers to do damage to your system. Because hotspots are available to the public, they are also popular areas for those wanting to target unwary network users. For example, someone can simply link to the network and start ferreting out delicate details such as user names, passwords, charge card information and so on. Having a VPN account will assist prevent a sniffer from accessing delicate info.

International Users

Governments wish to avoid users from enjoying the Internet, with a USA IP there are no controls. Some Governments restrict access from certain countries since they suspect the traffic to be destructive. Unfortunately, they also block off all the other innocent internet users, who are simply trying to delight in the Internet. With a VPN connection, your IP address will look like an US IP address. So you can remain to delight in endless gain access to on the Internet without needing to stress over Government clogs.

Buying Online

Many order forms on the Internet will immediately obstruct particular nations from even purchasing. That has another side benefit– Because you are not blocked, that implies you can place online orders easily. You do not have to stress over websites obstructing you based on IP address.


Instantaneous chat applications like Skype sometimes obstruct users based on ISP. Again, when they do that, all members making use of the same ISP is impacted. So if you are on an ISP that is blocked, you run out luck. However, when you are on a VPN network, you can in fact bypass the blocking and have complete use of your chat applications.

Hiding From The Cookie Monster

Some websites put cookies on your Internet browser to track your surfing activities without your permission. They do not respect or care about your personal privacy. There are many sites that do that with ill intent.  So the right thing to do, is to take safety measures by linking through a VPN. That way, you continue to be anonymous by concealing your genuine IP address.

Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are utilizing, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that makes use of a Internet Connection).

Even if you link to the Internet through a proxy, your connection is still not protect. Your data transmission can still be intercepted. When you use a VPN, you are ensured that you are surfing using a protected connection.

When you have a VPN account, you enjoy all the above advantages. Just as a reminder; select a company that supplies trusted VPN services (at least 99 % uptime) with high speed connections. This will make sure that your surfing experience continues to be safe and secure, fun and undisturbed.

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