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the art-of sellingThe Art of Selling According to Harv

When I was a kid I used to get up to all sorts of mischief.

I was always poking around, trying this and discovering new ways to do that.

I was inquisitive you might say.

My father would patiently show me how to do something and I always had to find a “better” way to do it… much to my Dad’s frustration!

He would always try to tell me there was an art to doing something well and I should try to keep it simple and keep it honest. Well he was a police detective so he would say that wouldn’t he?  😉

I used to go off like the proverbial bull in a china shop and often times made hard work for myself.

Just yesterday I was clearing out some old files and I was reminded of those old times. I came across something I hadn’t seen in years and had forgotten about which will make my marketing life easier.

Do you ever do that?

It makes you feel a bit stupid doesn’t it and I have been a fool for overlooking this!

What I found was a report written by Harvey Segal (aka Mr SuperTips)


It’s the amazingly simple and honest work of a marketing genius!

Take a minute to read this page absorb the selling techniques and observe the process.


Its a graduate level marketing tutorial you would normally have to pay a lot for.

* You’ll see subtle yet powerful marketing in action.

* Learn how to sell a product in any niche with his tried and tested methods.

* Everything you need to take your marketing to the next level is provided free of charge.

* The viral aspect which is introduced as you read had my mind whirring with ideas and possibilities.

* There’s a number of valuable ebooks to download, again, no charge.


There is no cost, except a little of your time and its an opportunity to learn Harvey’s tired and tested website traffic and product selling techniques.


I urge you to not make my mistake and overlook this. In fact, you really SHOULD read this. Yes YOU!




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