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The Biggest Mistake Affiliate Marketers Make

March 31, 2017 @ 7:33 am
by Ed

The Biggest Mistake Affiliate Marketers Make Revealed

Making mistakes in affiliate marketing is all too easy to do but once you reThe Biggest Mistake Affiliate Marketers Make-Ed Kirwancognize what these are and how to avoid them, the world becomes your oyster and your income will increase dramatically.


Before I get to the biggest mistake most affiliate marketers make let's look at some other problems you may encounter.


See if some of these mistakes sound familiar and I'll show you how to correct them.


Fair enough?


OK, good.


First of all you need to know who you are going to be offering products to. This is your target audience.


Make a profile or avatar of your perfect customer so you know who you are talking to with all your marketing efforts.


You must have a range of products to offer your customers because the people on your list will buy different products at different times to suit their needs at the time.


To overcome this, make a list of the types of products your profiled customers are likely to use. You could base this on your own experience.


You'll notice I said you must have a range of products.


This includes having a range of prices. Not everyone can afford the best straight away so having a range, from free to high ticket items will satisfy everyone on your list.


Offering products that have a free version is one way to solve this problem.


You should always point out the benefits of the more expensive version.


A product with a free trial leading onto a monthly fee is the best way to develop your recurring income.


You only have to sell once and the company providing the service does all the work to keep your customer happy 🙂


Hosting and autoresponders are obvious choices here although there are many others. Use the list of products you wrote out earlier as a guide to finding more recurring income products.


Offering "one time" products is a waste of your time and effort.


Look for products with one or two upsells (more is usually a bad sign) where you can benefit from the vendor's sales funnel.


Finding companies that offer the whole range, variety of type, price and levels of service is the Holy Grail in this business.


Which brings me back to the BIGGEST mistake affiliates make.



They DON'T start building a subscriber list soon enough.


When is soon enough?


The day you start your business!


Think about it this way. You wouldn't open a shop of any kind in the 'dirt world' without preparation and online is no different. You need to have your store set out and looking good before inviting your potential customers to view what you have on offer.


So what do you need?


This is the basic requirement.


Set up your landing page with a "lead magnet" (see later) to capture email addresses and have at least 7 autoresponder emails in place to offer the products you want to sell.


There are good products you can find that do pretty much of all this work for you. Here's an example of a 'done for you' system that works well when you are starting out or adding another income stream to your existing business.


Choose that route if you like, it's a great way to get started but still aim to build your own offers, landing pages and email sequences over time.


Offering bonuses to products you offer is another thing people get wrong.


Offer none and your prospect may look elsewhere. Offer too much and your prospect will likely never take action on anything due to being overwhelmed.


Aim to add value to what you are offering and one of the best ways to to do that is make your own report or video showing how to use the product...


What works well for me is offering a free Skype consultation. It not only marks you out as a real person but as an expert.


The "lead magnet" is what you offer people so that they subscribe to your list.


It could be an ebook, a report, a training course or a recorded interview with the product owner which works very well and is not hard to do. And again, offering a Skype consultation is brilliant.


So, let's recap shall we?


I have shown you the biggest mistake affiliate and online marketers make and that is NOT starting to build your subscriber list soon enough.


If you haven't started yet...




Here are the steps.


  • Make a profile or avatar of the people you want to reach.


  • Make a list of the type of products that they will use in their business.


  • Write your email sequence and put that in your autoresponder.


  • Build your landing page and send traffic to it.


Which brings me to my final point.


All this knowledge is not worth a hill of beans if you don't TAKE ACTION.


In previous posts I have shown you how to create passive income and how to get a whole series of done for you emails in the internet marketing niche.


In this video I show you how to set up a high converting landing page


All that is left for you to do is...




I hope you got some value from this post. I'd love to read your comments whether you agree with me or not and please feel free to share it with your friends too.


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