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Cash Beyond Words Review

A new product came across my desk this week called Cash Beyond Words. In this post I’m going to show you inside Cash Beyond Words and tell you why I have given it 2 thumbs up. 




First of all what is Cash Beyond Words? Cash Beyond Words is an in depth course that shows you how to set up simple two-page sites that can generate you a thousands of dollars without having to sell anything.


Without giving too much away it shows you how to create a particular type of report that help people overcome a problem. You’ll then lean how to monetize it,  set up a specific landing page, set up your autoresponder email sequence and how to quickly drive a lot of targeted people to download your report.


Looking inside Cash Beyond Words you see the training is delivered in several different formats. There is the main e-book, there’s a checklist, there’s a road map, audio so you can listen to it in the car or elsewhere. There are some more awesome bonuses in this section too.


If you prefer visual learning , the video training covers the content in 11 steps and is laid out in a total of 17 videos. The course is very thorough and covers every aspect of setting up your whole business and getting it running.


Everything is explained in very great detail and nothing is left to chance.




Upsell 1

This covers Facebook marketing, how to create graphics and pasting into groups. Two methods of how to post into the into the group for the best benefit.


There are tutorials on solo ad traffic training, Google plus communities and how to use them, YouTube marketing, traffic banner advertising, forum and blog traffic. So there’s a very comprehensive list of different traffic methods that you can try for yourself.


In addition you also get access to a great eCover software to display the free report that you’re going to create. This will make it more attractive when you’re advertising your page. Decent free eCover software is hard to find so this is a great extra tool to have.


There’s also landing page software so if you’re not using one of the more expensive landing page creators you can make for very attractive, high-converting landing page using this software.


There are 3 best-selling training courses available to you and some additional bonuses


Downsell 1

You will get the training, software and landing page plugin mentioned above but not the 3 extra courses. You will save some money with this option.

Upsell 2

If you decide to buy the 2nd upsell and become a Gold member, you’re getting Advanced Training and a very effective traffic method that use uses Twitter It’s a very smart way to build a following that you can send to your newly built website. Your website and this free method go hand-in-hand.


The Gold members also gain access to an advanced email writing course. The focus is on increasing the deliverability of your emails and your click through rates. There’s also more Advanced Training on how and when to use broadcasts and a product launch method that gets good results.


You also get a monthly coaching, Skype support with one-on-one coaching, monthly webinar replays and the Easy Mobile Squeeze Page.

Downsell 2

This is for you if you are not interested in the live coaching calls. 



For a limited time I am offering some great bonuses if you buy this product through my affiliate link before the timer runs out.



This is an excellent product. In addition to all the tools and training there’s an excellentCash_Beyond_Words section of resources of tools covered in the course. This useful for easy reference to get what you need to run your Cash Beyond Words business.


My verdict is that Cash Beyond Words offers an incredibly good and profitable business model at a very cheap price.


  • Front End Package – eBook + Videos + Audio 
  • Upsell 1 – Traffic Training + eCover Software + Landing Page Plugin + 3 Best Courses
  • Downsell 1 – Traffic Training + eCover Software + Landing Page Plugin
  • Upsell 2 – Advanced Training Videos + Social Traffic System + Easy Mobile Squeeze Page + Live Coaching Calls
  • Downsell 2 – Advanced Training Videos + Social Traffic System + Easy Mobile Squeeze Page 
  • Bonus Package valued at $1285


For under $20 this in depth course is an absolute steal.

Cash Beyond Words


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