Hello and welcome, thank you for dropping by.


I’ve set up this blog to help YOU if you are just starting a business online or have been at it a while and are still spinning your wheels.


Take some time to look around.  The home page is a good place to start. That’s where you will find a collection of free reports that cover the most popular topics. Like list building and traffic generation. I add to these regularly so you might want to bookmark that page.


While I might change the selection of reports, there are some basic things in online marketing that never change and one of those is having an email list of subscribers. Even if you are just starting, I urge you to start building your list straight away.


I didn’t find it easy to start with but with sheer determination I made it happen. And you can too. That is something you will need to have if you want to succeed in the internet marketing world… determination to succeed… and a strong reason for doing it,  that is your “WHY“.


My first “why” came about because I knew I would not be able to continue my life’s work for ever. I wanted and needed a way to make a good living even when I wasn’t working and preferably without having to employ people. In fact I wanted an good income and my freedom.


If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die — Warren Buffet


My second “why” and biggest motivator these days, is to help people who just like me in the beginning, have tried and tried but still failed to see the success they set out to achieve. Don’t give up! I’m very happy to give you the coaching that was not available to me when I started.


The first thing you’ll find with me is that I like to keep it simple, you know, the old KISS system… Keep It Simple Stupid.


However, if you are looking for “push button solutions” or “overnight success” you won’t get that here. So stop reading now and we won’t waste each other’s time.


Fair enough?



Great. You’re still here and ready to put in some work I see. You do know that’s what it takes, don’t you? Consistent hard work, one step at a time, will get you the results you want. When you deviate, buy into hype or go chasing “shiny objects” (those products that offer the world and deliver trash) that is when you STOP  yourself from succeeding.


Let’s get this out of the way now. I have been asked many times what is the fastest way to succeed online and my “nutshell” answer is this.


Build a lead capture page and send visitors to it.


That’s it.


To be realistic, although that is true, you can’t be expected to go and do that without some tuition. So, I show you here an easy way to make that happen.


I’d love to and will show you more another time.


Meantime… while I don’t drive a flashy car, jet-set round the world or own a string of racehorses, I do live a comfortable life with my wife and dog in sunny southern Spain with all the time freedom I want. So I’m content.


And I wish the same for you and more.


Do I know ALL the answers? No. But I’ve tried all sorts of things to achieve my success online so the chances are I’ll be able to help you in one way or another.


Despite my years earning money online, I feel I am still beginning my journey. If you are just starting or are overwhelmed or even at the end of your tether,  I invite you join me in my journey. I’ll introduce you to some of my travelling companions too.



I suggest you start by reading one of my free reports and then if you like what I say, connect with me and let’s see where I can help you and your business. 




Here’s a couple of things about me you don’t know…


Living FreeI started my online journey in 1998 in the UK. I then had a break while I moved to Spain where there was no internet connection for years. Once I got connected in 2004 I started again and things had changed considerably. That was my first lesson. You have to keep up with the changes but not obsessively.


 I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve always worked for myself, owned several offline business and various properties. I started by breeding pigs and chickens when still at school and later ran a painting and decorating business while training to be farrier. Yes, I shod horses for a living, in my native UK, in Canada, the United States and later, here in Spain. 


I had a bad time with my back so I went to university at the ripe old age of 40 studying commercial real estate. I love learning new things especially to do with business!


But horses have always been my first love! Earning money online successfully is a bit like learning to ride a horse. When it throws you off you just have to get back in the saddle and try again. So I urge you, never give up, this is one of the best business to be in. You meet wonderful people from around the globe and you choose your own hours. And…


 “If you enjoy what you’re doing… it beats working for a living”

Ed Kirwan





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