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If you’d like to know how to use Facebook to generate leads easily, read on.


In this video I’ll show you how you can get in front of Facebook users every time they open their account.



If you’re still struggling with earning money online with your email campaigns, the reason could be that you are not getting enough engagement with your customers.


Now you can get noticed where it counts the most, in the Facebook Notification feed itself.


There’s more.


This new software gives you your users Facebook profile information AND their real email address, the one they use for Facebook…


So you can send them notifications in Facebook or email or both (That’s The Double Dutch Method)


So if you have used those expensive Facebook Ads and failed,  this NEW and IMPROVED way to market your product or service on Facebook may be just up your alley.


Check out the power of LetSocify:

  • Message Scheduling: so you can schedule messages to be sent when you want acting like an autoresponder for Facebook notifications. Fully customizable.
  • Message Sequencing: allows you to setup a range of notifications in a series, depending on whether a message has been clicked.
  • 2 different opt-ins and customize colors, text, add your pic or logo. 1 click opt in makes building your list easier than ever.
  • A Custom Button Code: Lets you put a button anywhere on your site to have your visitor signup to Facebook Push Notifications and send their email address directly to your favorite Auto-Responder.
  • Automatic RSS feed: option. Easily link your RSS Feed to post notifications automatically into Facebook Notifications.
  • Adaptive Scheduling Feature: It does all the time calculating for you allowing you to send notifications to users all over the Globe in their own time zone. If you want everyone to get the message at 4pm their local time, Let Reach does it!
  • A/B testing : so you know which message converts better.
  • Advanced Filtering: create filters, so you can send notifications to specific groups that you sre targeting to get the highest CTR’s. Filter on country, city, segment, platform, browser and gender.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Use our special segmenting code to get your signups segmented for any purpose you want.
  • Detailed Subscriber Stats: See your subscriber Name, Email, Gender, IP Address, City, Country, OS platform and a log of all his/her actions on your notifications.
  • Detailed Click Through Stats: Check the number of clicks and unique clicks across platform, device, browser or Geographical location.
  • Detailed Reports: so you will know where your views come from, mobile or PC? Firefox, Chrome or Safari? Geographical location.
  • Download Your Campaigns & Stats: Download all your relevant campaign and stats in PDF or CSV Format.


I do recommend LetsSocify and give it a 5 Star rating.


I honestly don’t know how long this will be available but I do know the price is rising with each passing sale.

So if you want it,  you know what to do.


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