by Ed Kirwan

Self-Funding Solo Ads?


Solo Ads when used correctly generally pay for themselves. I call these self-funding solo ads because that’s exactly what they do.


 I explained how that works in great detail in my last post about creating a passive income online.


However, I do know from my own experience, that finding reputable solo ad sellers, paying for solo ads and even the thought of it, can be quite daunting for newcomers.


And you can make some expensive mistakes if you are not careful.


It may also be that an average price from solo ad sellers of around USD 0.35c per click is outside your current budget or you’d like to test your email ads at a cheaper price. That’s perfectly understandable.


Testing your email ad copy is an ongoing part of your business so getting the best prices and knowing where to where to buy solo ads is very important and not always that easy.


Here is a platform that not only allows you to buy solo ads cheaply, you will send your emails to a growing targeted market. At the time of writing it is over 3,000 people.  You can also make a profit at the same time.


Watch the introductory video to get a feel for this powerful tool.







 You can go ahead and open your account here to get started.


Now you have a feel for how this operates and see how you CAN save money sending solo ads cheaply.


You can  hone your email marketing skills by looking at some of the best solo ads without it costing you anything.


In addition to the solo ads, you get banner ads, text ads and a personal blog for your own use.


All your emails are also posted automatically to your blog which when well written will be found by the search engines too. Ranking your blog posts will give further exposure to your offers of course. 


OK. Let’s have a tour of the Members area and see how it all works.



I think you’ll agree that there is a lot of power there and its all laid out in an easy to use fashion. 


Finally lets look at the compensation plan in detail. 


Pay close attention to this as this can become quite a lucrative stream of income in its own right.  



If you haven’t yet, open your account here then start sending your solo ads and get targeted visitors to your website and offers.








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