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If you want to know how to rank videos on Google and YouTube fast these are the steps that I take and you can copy them for the same or similar results. 


Watch while I rank a product review video on YouTube in 2 minutes and Google in 30.




Obviously you have to make your video and name it for your keyword/s.


Write an original description, do your keyword research and have both your text and keywords ready just to copy and pate into the description box.


As an extra step you should go to Properties to fill in the title, subtitle, tags and comments before you start.


You can find the Properties tab by right clicking on your video file.


Before you upload your video make sure that you check the UNLISTED option.


Once the video is uploaded you can add your description.  300 to 500 words he’s normally sufficient.


You can add a link to an authority site for a little more SEO juice. I very often use Wikipedia for this purpose.


Add your keywords into the tags at the bottom, add the video to a playlist and then click DONE.


On this page you have the option to share your video on social platforms. Share it on 3 , 4 or many as you like making sure that you include the link wherever you post.


This is purely for SEO purposes and therefore you don’t have to spend a lot of time making it look pretty.


Next go to Creator Studio open up your video editing window. Check that you have the correct title, your keyword/s repeated 4 or 5 times in the description box and that you have the right tags.


Now we can move on to the Cards and End screen & Annotations.


Open the Cards window and as long as your YouTube channel is verified you’ll be able to link to an Associated site.


The Cards icon works better on mobile devices than the old annotations.




The End screen & Annotations function allows you to put a subscribe link and a YouTube thumbnail you can link to a playlist or other videos.


There are other options also which which you can explore for yourself.



For an extra SEO boost you can add subtitles to your video which if it’s an important video you want to stay up for a long time, is worth the effort. However that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial and not necessary for my example video.


The next step is to make your video Public.


And once you’ve done that grab the URL and take it over to Google Webmaster Tools and submit it for the search engine spiders.


You could also use a free pinging service such as pingomatic.


For videos such as the Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File Review this is generally all that is required to rank YouTube videos fast on Google and YouTube in 10 minutes or thereabouts.



As you can see from the ‘How to Rank Videos in 10 Minutes‘ video, my ‘Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File Review’ video took about 30 minutes to rank on number one on Google.


You will appreciate that for tougher, harder to rank for keywords, you may need to do some extra work.


One of the things that you can do is to send backlinks to it. I don’t recommend using Fiverr gigs but you can get 1000 better quality backlinks here for free if you need them.


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to rank videos in 10 minutes. Now you know how to rank videos on Google and YouTube for free and with very little work.


Now you have all the information and no excuses for not doing it yourself 😉


I’d love to hear your comments and if you found this useful please consider sharing it with others. Thanks.

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