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How to get more views on YouTube

Get More Views on YouTube With This Formula

There are plenty of ways to get more views on YouTube. You can leave comments on other people’s videos, join groups on Facebook to watch and be watched, join sharing sites or you can buy them on or from other SEO specialists.

These methods work and work well but they can either be very time consuming or start to become expensive. So how can you get more views on your YouTube videos without these problems?

This method is how to get more views on your YouTube videos by showing up prominently in related searches for competitive keywords. Competitive keywords by their nature take a lot of work and some expense to rank high in the search engines. You can take advantage of this by “attaching” your video to those top ranking videos.

As these videos are competing for the best keywords there will be a lot of visitors. Your video or videos will rank in the related videos and therefore draw more viewers. This is basically how this system works…

1- Search for your target keyword on YouTube.

2- Copy the title/user from each of the 20 listings on the first page of the results.

3- Go to each of the 20 pages and copy the titles/users of everyone that shows up as ‘related’.

4- Create your video

5- Do metadata optimization

6- Upload the video to YouTube

7- Do on-page optimization by copy/pasting the titles/users you collected earlier into the description box and use as many as possible as tags too.

8- Done. Just be patient and wait for it to start showing up as related.

You will achieve good results without having to do more. No need for writing a good description, no need for backlinks and the views will come naturally.  It can be almost instant and it can take a few weeks to rank, depending on the keyword competition. Your patience will be rewarded and while you are waiting make more videos.

You can see how it works in this short video.

That’s How to Get More Views on YouTube!

Please share your thoughts on this method and let us know how you get on with it.

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