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  The Right Backlinks For YouTube Videos

As we approach the Festive season and you see so many video ads for this, that product and the other product… it makes your head spin doesn’t it?   How are you going to compete with the Big Boys and Girls when it comes to selling products and earning money online?

You may think cannot outspend their budget and you can’t out-smart their marketing department if you take them head on. You would be  right on the first count but not on the second. Why? Because good or even ugly YouTube videos ranked high on Google can be one of your  keys to success. They are easy to produce and free to rank as long as you use the right backlinks.

You know that marketing with YouTube videos potentially reaches an enormous audience. All you need to do is pick your product, make   a video and then rank it on Google. Repeat the process and you will make sales and a passive income for yourself. You can do all that with the information here on my blog.

However there is always a snake in paradise and on the internet things change at a rapid rate. So it is important for your long term financial welfare that you keep abreast of the changes as well as finding an easier way to achieve your goals. You will have seen how the Google Helpouts work and Google Hangouts too. But maybe that is not your thing, maybe too much for you right now or whatever and you need to get back to basics.

Basic Video Marketing and Ranking

You know how to rank videos on Google. Basically all you need to do is keyword the title, write or even copy a description and put your keywords in the tag box below the video description. After that you will want some views, comments and backlinks. Up until recently I was using some fiverr gigs to get backlinks of various types and this system works well.

The trouble with that is that all those fiverr gigs cost money and it adds up to quite a bit if you do a lot of videos. Another drawback is that these YouTube videos can, in some circumstances, lack a certain amount of stickability.  And that is what you need if you want to produce and rank your videos so that your income truly is “set and forget”.

So I have been experimenting with different ways to get the necessary backlinks without the costs involved. It got me thinking about Google plus and other high authority web properties that I already use with IFTTT. Using this system is automatic and works well for most YouTube videos as long as the competition is not  too fierce. But I wanted even better results!

In fact, after a lot of testing and tweaking, I have discovered that there are only 3 types of backlinks you really need. This is a better way because you can save time and money. Create these backlinks in the right way, in the right order and you will be able to rank almost any video high on Google. Once you do this you will be earning money online and creating passive income in next to no time.

As always I welcome your comments. Let us know how you are ranking your videos and share the knowledge 🙂


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