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Creating Passive Income Online The Easy Way

How to Make Passive Income Online

Part 1 The Set Up

Creating a passive income online is not as difficult as many marketers would have you believe. Make a lead capture page, send traffic to it and you will make money. It’s that simple and here’s how to do it in just 2 steps.

Creating Passive Income Online – Part 1 – The Set Up


Your lead capture page (squeeze page or landing page if you prefer) needs to be professional to make it high converting. That means you need a good headline and a good offer.


Once people enter their email, they enter your autoresponder system and you can send them emails until they either unsubscribe or die! As long as you build a trusting relationship and provide good value to your subscribers, they will buy products that you recommend from time to time.


The auto responder in case you don’t know is a software program that sends a series of emails that you prepare beforehand, to your subscribers automatically on autopilot. It is the ONLY tool you really need and have to pay for. GetResponse is the autoresponder service I prefer to use although any of the good ones like Aweber, MailChimp, iContact and others are perfectly good too.


It really is best to have a series of at least 7 emails but preferably more before you start to send visitors to your lead capture page.


Sending traffic, as visitors are known, to your site can be done in one of two ways. It’s either paid traffic or free traffic. I have a constantly updated FREE video course on free traffic and branding but this 2 part course focuses on paid traffic and solo ads in particular.

How to Make Passive Income Online

Part 2 The Source

In Part 1 we looked at the lead capture page and how to create it in this video we’re going to look at the emails we send out without over responder service and how we’re going to get traffic to that landing page. Watch the video to see how.


Creating Passive Income Online Part 2 – The Source

The first thing you need to do is open the account with an autoresponder service of your choice. If you already have one then you can use that. And you want to set up a set a sequence of emails that will give that to you and reveal something about yourself to your audience to your subscribers.


At no point should you be spamming your subscriber list with offer after offer, instead you want to build a relationship of trust based on the value you give your subscribers.


The minimum amount of emails you want in your sequence before you start sending traffic would be at least 7, preferably more. The reason I recommend that you set these up before you start driving traffic to you lead capture page is that you can get busy doing other things and you forget to come back and complete the sequence.


If you sign up for GetResponse or have it already I will be able to give you my email sequence and the instructions for that will follow if your on my subscriber list.


As soon as somebody subscribes to your list you’ll be able to take them to a thank you page or even directly to a a one-time offer or a special offer which on average 2% of subscribers buy. This is cash straight into your account and it will offset the cost of your advertising spend.


For quick and targeted in traffic I recommend solo ads. Solo ads are emails that you send out to other marketers list and you can find reputable sellers in various Facebook groups. Don’t forget to check out the solo ad sellers testimonial groups on Facebook so you can save yourself time and money using these preferred sellers.


In internet marketing niche you’ll be able to find plenty of good offers on Warrior Plus, JVZoo and ClickBank.


I go into more details in my NEW Course which you can download for FREE when you click the image below.




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