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no-bull-list-building-systemNo Bull List Building System


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With my free No Bull List Building System you will discover how to:


Step 1 – Find a product to promote that pays for your list building campaigns.

Step 2 – Create a simple free report very quickly.

Step 3 – Get traffic to your lead capture page and grow a large list fast.

Step 4 – Check the sales data so that your campaigns are never costing you money.

Step 5 – Make BIG commissions selling the kind of products and services to your subscribers that they truly need.

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How to Build Your Subscriber List For FREE


There is one component here that I haven’t talked about much so let’s explore that now.


This component when used correctly, can be a HUGE sales booster.


And what’s that?


Entertaining, value based FOLLOW UP EMAILS that sell your product.


When you start generating subscribers, you need to have a set of follow up emails to send them on a daily basis.


And the goal of the email is to do 2 things:


Build a relationship with your list and make sales.


Most people SCREW this part up and they do it because of either LAZINESS or IGNORANCE.




They either think short emails with a link to the sales page of the product is more than enough to make sales OR they think creating quality emails that sell well takes up a lot of time and is tough to create.


They couldn’t be more wrong.


You see….


Short emails with a link to the product sales page may work for your hyper responsive buyers but the VAST MAJORITY of your buyers need more information and selling to make the purchase.


What you need is value based emails that do the selling.


Many assume these kind of emails are HARD to create.


No they are not.


The best performing emails are NOT the ones which are grammatically perfect or magazine level content pieces.


The best emails that make the most sales are those which are

1. Simple in concept (& super easy to read)
2. Focusing on a particular angle or story
3. Value based
4. Compelling so as to make the sale

These emails DO NOT have to be perfect by any stretch of imagination.

Their simplicity, clarity, value and entertainment results in sales.


Anyone who can construct simple English sentences can write these emails (of course they will get better and better with more practice).


Learn how to put together these emails and you will make more sales of your product which will allow you to break even on your ad costs even fast which would allow you to grow your list at a RAPID FAST rate.


You’ll learn this and more in my No Bull List Building System 



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