by Ed

I’ve been using Facebook Ads over the past year to promote and build my email lists.


I found that it can be a little expensive until you really know what you’re doing, so after a while I started boosting my posts.


After testing I found I got better results for less money. So far so good.


But I’m always looking for good free ways to attract visitors.


Now I have uncovered a new software that allows you to build an email list on Facebook and do it for nothing. I like that 🙂


In this video I’ll introduce you to Timeline Optins and show you the new, free and powerful way to build your list from Facebook.


I’ll be showing you the online software that makes it all possible and how it works.



What the software does is create a Facebook post that when clicked on reveals your video and your optin boxes.


Its simple, quick and easy to use. So there you have it. A brilliant bit of software that will help you build your subscriber lists without even having a website if you don’t want and without an advertising budget.


Now, the thing is Timeline Optins isn’t available right now without a special invitation.


Go to and see for yourself.


When it is available it sells for $97.


But today, because you are reading this, you can get Timeline Optins for FREE as a my Christmas gift to you!



Yes, that’s right. I’m (was) giving you this powerful list building software absolutely free as a thank you for reading my blog. 


Please remember one thing. I don’t do false scarcity or things like that, this gift will disappear over Christmas.


I’m sorry if you missed it.


You can still get it here at my deeply discounted price or you can wait and see if I offer it again sometime in the future.


I thank you for taking the time to watch the video. I’d appreciate it if you leave a comment below and let me know what you think.



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