How to Build a Profitable Niche Blog


Let me show you how to make a profitable blog or affiliate website in just 18 minutes.


Build one or more like this and you can make passive income for life.



Let’s put some bones together before we flesh this out shall we?


The first thing you need is a domain name and website hosting. Then you will need to install WordPress onto your website. Watch the free video tutorials for all things to do with WordPress on my Resources page.


As you can see in the video  to make blogs or websites like these, it does require you to buy the Covert Store Builder premium WordPress theme and plugin.


The good news is that it’s only a small one-time payment and you can use it on this many sites as you like.


All you need to do is to upload the Covert Store Builder theme and plug and follow the instructions in the video and the extensive tutorials that come with the Covert Store Builder.


You will need your license key and the security keys from Amazon in order to activate Covert Store Builder and to populate the website with products from Amazon.


You can also import products from Commission Junction and eBay for more variety of products and a wider choice of partners.


I set up 2 demo blogs for you to look at and get inspired from. Both food and the outdoor life are subjects dear to my heart which is why I picked these. 


In the Best Kitchenware and Outdoor Recreation demo blogs I have  used the US Amazon affiliate network only.


I am fully aware that some people don’t like the idea of marketing physical products because the commissions are not as high as when you sell digital products.


For instance, the Amazon affiliate commission ranges from 4% to 10% depending on the product and the sales volume you generate.


The reason for this is that digital products cost nothing to reproduce once it’s made.


Physical products on the other hand have to be stored and handled and Amazon sell for third parties who also need their share.


What is good is that you have a far higher volume of potential customers and a huge variety of products to choose from.


They are in virtually any niche you want, including some that everyone needs, like for example clothing and tools.
And because Amazon has over 310 million active accounts and more being opened every day, it’s easy to people to make their purchases once they are on Amazon. 


PLUS… Amazon are Masters at selling and up-selling. So when a customer you send to Amazon buys something, even if it is not what you expected them to buy, you get paid your commission on everything they buy.


You don’t have to compete with Amazon. Your blog, if it is focusing on one niche will make it easier for people to find what they are looking for before they go to Amazon.


You are actually helping by making people’s online shopping experience much simpler. It easier for them to browse and find exactly what they are looking for.




So what about getting some visitors?


Using the built in keyword feature and by doing your own keyword research correctly, you will get some organic traffic from the search engines but this is not the best source. It’s hard and unreliable.


Once you have set up your site you can drive traffic very easily from social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


These traffic sources are all free and you can build a large following from them in 30 days or less.


That is something I cover in other posts but to get you rolling, you should aim to make a Facebook page and a Pinterest or Tumblr or Twitter account for each site you build.


The best traffic is the traffic you have the most control over.


That traffic is your email subscriber list.


So all you need to do is get your visitors to join your site and your mailing list.




By adding a product to their “Wish List” they are encouraged to become a member and  then you can email them over and over again, sending them back to your blog to buy more products.




Using this type of list building and social sharing, your affiliates sites can get a snowball effect going. You’ll get more and more sales as you use email marketing to drive more traffic to the site itself and to your affiliate links.


All you need now to make a profitable blog of your own is the Covert Store Builder premium WordPress theme and plugin. 


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