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My Hangout Errors

Is This The World’s Worst Google Hangout?

I just had a go at a Google Hangout on my own yesterday and what a mess I made of it!

First of all I did not want to be on camera mostly because I am rearranging the office and am not set up just now. So I thought I would just do a voice over some slides. Well it was a disaster. And there was something that I did not fully realize… more on that in a moment.

The main thing is I learned a lot from having a go… first of all be prepared with a script if necessary, which is what I needed because once you start you can’t stop recording … its live!

The next most important thing was how quickly the videos rank after you have finished… yes even my bloomers as you can see in the picture.

But here’s the thing… if you do not know, once you finish your hangout, Google automatically posts it to your YouTube channel and ranks it for you.  I was flabbergasted at the speed and the ranking it gave… numbers 1-3 on page 1 of good old Google. Who said they were all bad?

Do you see the power of this. You do not have any description or keywords to mess with, your video is ranked at the top of Google by its title… that is where you put your keyworded title of course… cool eh? That’s all you have to do to rank a YouTube video on Google it seems.

This is the video marketers dream. After the bloomers I went and had another go. This time I was far more successful. I ranked 2 videos on page one of Google with no problem. These are in a competitive niche with plenty of search volume. Guess what I’ll be doing from now on?

I would say make hay while the sun shines. As you know Google is notorious for changing things that work against us marketers. Well this time it’s in our favour so enjoy it while you can 🙂

This video is about using Google Hangouts and how to put clickable link in a Google Hangout so you can get better conversions from your YouTube videos.


Remember, Google will automatically upload your hangout to your YouTube channel when it is finished and as you have seen, they rank it well for you?  Its amazing.

As Google is favoring Hangouts in their search engine over regular YT videos at the moment at least, this is to your benefit.  I urge you to learn how to use Hangouts and then apply the methods you have just seen.


Putting Call to Action Slides and Clickable Links in Google Hangouts…Is So Cool 🙂

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