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How to Personalize Facebook and Benefit From It!

In the video you’ll see how one little change helped Javier become less formal.


It’s the little things that make the difference!


I’ve been a friend with Javier on Facebook for quite a while and he always leaves my full name as a tag. Tagging as a Facebook strategy is good but if you’re anything like me, I’m NOT formal. 


So I showed Javier how to do make his  Facebook tags less formal. It’s so much more personal don’t you think? 


The second takeaway from the video is the fact that you can turn a little tactic into a tutorial video, share it with your friends and build yourself some authority in your niche. In other words, build your tribe.


Kudos to you if you do it. 


It is a bit long winded making videos like this one and its not likely to go viral! 


When you want to get tons of traffic, that’s a different matter.
You want a system where there’s no guesswork and very little manual work needed.


These new free training videos can have you earning more than you imagined in next to no time.


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