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Free Traffic Methods

As we all know every bit of cash you can save helps! With that in mind, let me give you something that will help you with earning money online without spending any.

Paid traffic will always be the quicker route to success but if you don;t have a budget for that right now there is nothing wrong with free traffic… it just takes more time and effort. Last week I showed you How to Get More Views on YouTube so now lets look at some more ways to get free traffic to your offers.

Article marketing still works well.  It’s a simple, powerful, and free way to generate interest in your website and the product or service you have to offer. When you submit your article to the directories, you are giving people permission to use your article as content for their site—with one condition—they won’t change the link to your website.

You need to make your article take a new and fresh look at an aspect of your niche. If it’s nothing more than a long, convoluted advertisement for your product, then you are not going to find an article directory or website that will publish it. Don’t waste your time… you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, just take a fresh approach.

Forum marketing is another tried and tested method for getting targeted free traffic. There are forums for everything all over the Internet with internet marketing and making money at home among the most popular and they probably will  be for some time to come. To find a forum in your niche, all you need to do is search for your niche keywords and add the word forum. You’ll find plenty to choose from but be careful about joining too many. Part of the value of forum traffic comes from your participation, so you’ll want to choose one or two to join and focus on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been called “the most effective form of online marketing.” However it is not an instant process and it is not a once only job. It takes on-going effort that consists of many steps completed in a timely manner following a set plan. That said,  a killer SEO strategy will bring a better return on investment (ROI) than most other marketing strategies.

There is enough SEO strategy information online to fill dozens of libraries but essentially it boils down to keyword selection, optimization and backlinks. Selecting the right keywords is the first thing you should do and will be the most important thing for your completed website. You need to find a balance between the competitive keywords that everyone else is going after and the less popular keywords that people are still searching for but other marketer’s aren’t competing for.

YouTube marketing is my favourite free method and is covered in many other posts on the blog so no need to expand on that here.

Social Media is a big free traffic method and is expanding all the time. Facebook and Google+ are used to generate traffic the same way you use
forum marketing, except social media, rather than a forum, is the platform. Get the best use of these networks by searching for groups related to your interest. There are groups for nearly any niche imaginable, and they’re full of people who are targeted.

Twitter is another great free traffic promotional tool although it is not my favourite platform. Many marketers are successful though and once you build an audience of followers, targeted to be your customers it can be very valuable… it’s worth checking out.
The “Essential Guide To Free Traffic goes into more depth about all these topics, teaching you real methods for generating traffic to your


websites without spending any money.

Now, the training there is not just for you…oh no! With this gift you get a website, squeeze page and graphics all done for you… so you can use the information and give the ebook away or sell it… its your choice. These methods work and work for a long time but it does take time and effort to see results in the first place.

If you don’t want to spend on paid ads but don’t want to wait for these free methods to produce results there is another option.  If you have a little spare cash (around $10) you should take a close look at what Satyajeet, a search engine traffic master has to say about getting high quality search engine traffic in 30 days or less. He reckons this free traffic method is the quickest way to open the floodgates with laser targeted visitors that buy stuff from you. You can learn his free taffic methods here.

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