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What is Flow Leads App?



FlowLeads App is a viral sales funnel building software that produces all manner of sales and lead capture pages in minutes.


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Email marketing is a widely regarded as one of the most efficient ways to make money online. Once you have a good subscriber list you can market to them time after time.


Precious and his team know this and make huge sums everyday with email marketing. Now it’s your turn.


The only trouble is…


The hard part is in building a good responsive subscriber list without it costing you an arm and a leg.


One of the factors of list building is driving as much targeted traffic to your landing page and converting them into subscribers. While using solo emails and Facebook paid ads are good, they can become expensive.


But look at this…

FlowLeads App Statistics


What the Flow Leads app does is use a cunning little method called the “Mean Cat Method”


This cuts any ad spend dramatically and in fact you can use the whole method for free.


What the “Mean Cat Method” does effectively, is it makes people that want your offer, share your landing page with five people who must sign up before they get whatever it is that you’re offering.


Not only is it easier for you to get leads on your list because these people are doing the work for you, they also incentivized by the very fact that they have shared your link with their friends.


This is very unique and desirable and the best part about it is the software make it very very easy to build ages to do this for you.


With the right offer it’s been proven but you can consistently get 200 to 500 new subscribers to your email list everyday for free.

FlowLeads App

Imagine what this could do for your income.


You could easily build list of over 50,000 a hundred thousand or more subscribers and grow it on a daily basis on autopilot.
This software is so powerful but it will only be available at a very special price for a few people. There are no monthly fees which makes this offer particularly attractive.


Once the doors close on this offer it will be gone for good.  




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