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edw-man-1The eDigital Wealth Training
The training is presented by two world renown internet marketers.


Andrew Lock – Owner and host of #1 web TV show on iTunes for entrepreneurs for 7 years


Andrew presents Money Now Methods. 10 proven methods you can use to earn money online with zero internet experience.


Alex Mandossian – The Warren Buffet of the Internet – presents Membership Millions+ – this is 2 training products in one bundle.


The first is how to set up, launch and market your own membership site. These are know as the “Cash Cow” of the internet because membership fees gives the owner recurring income month after month.


The second course is P3 – Purpose, Passion & Profits. It not only teaches you virtual presenting, it’s like getting an MBA in marketing. We offer the Membership Millions course AND Alex Mandossian’s P3 course.


The Marketing System

eDigital Wealth Marketing System has been designed by a team of seasoned professionals.


The system back office tracks all of folks that go through your system and credits you when anyone buys products and joins as an affiliate.


We have a bevvy of advance marketing tools to use. You can use some or all of the tools. We have made the interface easy to use and provide video training on every aspect and each step you need to take.


You will have a complete built for you system so you can start right away with no waiting or system building costs.


You will have your own page like this one which is part of the marketing system.


To get on board you have 3 options.


We recommend starting with the Accelerator Pack because you get the products which you can learn from and it puts you at the highest commission level.


We also have a Basic Pack which comes with our Money Now Course.


The third option is our Pro Membership only which makes you an affiliate without a product purchase.


That’s right. NO PURCHASE is necessary to become an affiliate.


All the training and Comp Plan details are in the PDF and how you qualify with or without a product purchase.


If you have any further questions, reach out to me or download my report for more information.


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