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January 13, 2015 @ 8:34 pm
by Ed

Earning Money Online Today with Cliff CarriganI hope the title of this post is not misleading in any way. Just to be sure what I mean by Earning Money Online Today. I'll describe the solid and most tried and tested system for earning money online today, for the foreseeable future or as long as you want to do it.

As there is so much to write I have partnered with the world renown and modest internet marketer, Cliff Carrigan who will talk you through every facet of the process in a complete video course. Let's have a look at what is in each video.


How to build a long term income online

Video 1: The Introduction

This is an introduction to the course by In the video you will find out about the video course and what you will learn.

Video 2: The Tools

The tools you are going to need are a domain, web hosting, and an autoresponder service. It's as simple as that although Cliff covers each part in more depth so you know why you need them too.

Video 3: Niche Selection

The niche is internet marketing. If you accept you are already a part of the niche, you might as well get used to getting paid rather be a constant buyer. This model is what you will need whatever niche you want to go into at a later date. That is why this is called the Interim Income Model.

Internet marketing is a huge niche and is full of buyers. I buy products and you do too. The trick is to sell more than you buy!

Video 4: Landing Pages and Giveaways

This video is about landing pages and high end giveaways. In order to get people to subscribe to your list you will need a landing page or squeeze page if you prefer, where you will capture their email.

You will also need a gift to entice those people to part with their email so it needs to be of the highest standard and quality too. You'll learn how to make a giveaway of your own among other things.

Video 5: One Time Offers

In this video you'll learn about a low entry point OTO (One Time Offer). A certain percentage of people will buy your OTO so any money you spend on driving traffic will be covered to a large extent with the price of your offer. Cliff explains the math behind this concept.

Video 6: The Second OTO

Now you will find out about how to set up a second OTO for even more income. It is best to pick an OTO that is similar but different from OTO1. This product should compliment the original while perhaps taking your reader deeper into the subject.

Video 7: Communication

By this point you are close to a 6 figure income. Now you have people in your list, you need to communicate with them. Be sure you do that. People have signed up to get to know, like and trust you... let them. Then you will be on your way to over the 100,000 per year mark.

Video 8:  Increase Your Profit

This video is how to increase our profit. The first way is very simply done by asking. The second is by entering affiliate contests. Why not? You can earn some nice extra money doing what you already do.

Video 9: Unlimited Traffic

Now everything is set up lets talk about traffic. You can use free traffic and paid traffic. This video discusses and focuses on one of the best ways to get paid, unlimited targeted traffic.

Video 10: Wrapping It Up

This video sums up the course and lays out your weekly work week. There are additional training videos available too mainly aimed those who are very new to Internet marketing.

Go ahead and watch the first video while the course is still available at no cost and get a Certificate of Success on completion!

Earning Money Online Today - Certificate of Success

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