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Cliff-Carigan-was-wrong Cliff Carrigan is a first class marketer and a good friend of mine… but sometimes even he can make a mistake! Although he doesn’t think so…

He wrote and told me he wasn’t promoting Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine because he thought it would be the same old, same old.

You know the thing… grab a few snippets from the sales page, send out the swipe emails and add as many relevant bonuses as you can to out-bonus the gurus…

Wrong, wrong, wrong! In my opinion this is much better than the usual affiliate sales and list building coaching products. See what you think.

My Commission Machine Review

As you can see, I bought this bad boy coaching course and both the upsells too. Why?

I now have 8 hand picked high converting products to promote and tell my subscribers about. This saves me hours, if not days of work. It wasn’t a hard decision!

Here’s what is inside the course and why its a bit special.

Summary of the modules after the intro:

2. Research – This deals with IM products using JVZoo with attention to the important metrics to watch.

3. Angle – This is how to pick one aspect of the product and create your storytelling/curiosity/dramatic headline and emails around the product, attribute, personal or money making angle.

4. P I – Providing Incentives (bonuses) where he goes into psychological triggers as well as how and when to use bonuses and how to deliver them easily. He suggests PLR Monthly as a good place to get bonuses.

5. This module is called Messages and gives detailed examples of creating great emails that people love to receive.

D – Stands for deploy ie how to get your messages out with or without a list and Michael delivers the information with plenty of good detail.

One Time Offers

OTO 1 – Monthly done for you Commission Machines. These are evergreen IM products with email sequences which can also be used elsewhere, FB, Twitter, blogs etc.

OTO 2 – 7 Commission Machines ready to use as shown in the video above.

All in all the Commission Machine is  well delivered, it has plenty of actionable detail with some useful resources and all the reasons why Michael does his marketing the way he does.

He barely talks about landing pages and does not advocate huge bonuses, merely intelligent ones at the right time… and NO EYE CANDY IN SIGHT!

Commission Machine Bonuses

And yes, I have prepared some bonuses (actually Michael Cheney and his crew did most of the work, I just added some extras 🙂

You can check those bonuses out here and if you want, check out the sales page too…

… then come back and leave me a comment.  It would be great to hear your thoughts. Tell me if you think Cliff Carrigan was wrong not to promote The Commission Machine on this occasion or not? Then he and I can compare notes again!

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  • Susie
    January 6, 2016

    That’s really thikinng at a high level

  • Sam
    May 20, 2016

    Since you purchased his products, do you have any contact details for him?
    I recently bought one of his products too, but his site is down and so I could not even access the product I bought and I have searched the entire web and can’t find any way to get in touch with him. Very frustrated.

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