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4 Hour List Building Review and Bonus

November 15, 2016 @ 2:09 pm
by Ed
This is a brand new list building course from Nishant Hinge.   He's a cool dude and has put a very good program together showing you, right from the beginning, how he makes a good living by just working 4 hours per month.   Let's have a look at it shall we?   Before we get to looking at the 4 Hour List Building Product itself, I'd like to show you my bonus or at least one of my bonuses and that's called Timeline Optins.   It's from another great marketer, Brett Rutley. It is no longer available to the […]

Global Money Line Review

November 1, 2016 @ 1:59 pm
by Ed
Global Money Line Review This is without doubt the best and simplest lead generation method I have ever come across... and believe me I have looked and tried a lot. It really is so easy to communicate with people and not only those just joining.   You should message your upline too. Not so many people do that. Perhaps they are inhibited or something, I don't know.   What I do know is they are marketers the same as you and me. As long as you have something of value to offer to offer people, they will respond.   This […]

eDigital Wealth Training

October 7, 2016 @ 8:35 pm
by Ed
The eDigital Wealth Training The training is presented by two world renown internet marketers.   Andrew Lock - Owner and host of #1 web TV show on iTunes for entrepreneurs for 7 years   Andrew presents Money Now Methods. 10 proven methods you can use to earn money online with zero internet experience.   Alex Mandossian - The Warren Buffet of the Internet - presents Membership Millions+ - this is 2 training products in one bundle.   The first is how to set up, launch and market your own membership site. These are know as the "Cash Cow" of the internet […]

Why Aren’t You Earning Money Online?

August 1, 2015 @ 11:14 pm
by Ed
There's more than one way to make an omelette just as there is more than one proven way to earning money online. Let's see if what I have to say resonates with you.   Finding a system or method that suits you, your personality and your budget is tricky. Before we look at that lets look at why you are not succeeding as you had hoped.   One reason you are not earning enough money online may be that you aren't following a proven strategy.   Another is that you don't have a mentor. So stop  and think for a minute. Forget everything […]

Cliff Carrigan was wrong!

March 3, 2015 @ 5:05 am
by Ed
Cliff Carrigan is a first class marketer and a good friend of mine... but sometimes even he can make a mistake! Although he doesn't think so... He wrote and told me he wasn't promoting Michael Cheney's Commission Machine because he thought it would be the same old, same old. You know the thing... grab a few snippets from the sales page, send out the swipe emails and add as many relevant bonuses as you can to out-bonus the gurus... Wrong, wrong, wrong! In my opinion this is much better than the usual affiliate sales and list building coaching products. See what you […]