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How to Get More Views on YouTube

Get More Views on YouTube With This Formula There are plenty of ways to get more views on YouTube. You can leave comments on other people's videos, join groups on Facebook to watch and be watched, join sharing sites or you can buy them on fiverr.com or from other SEO specialists. These methods work and work well but they can either be very time consuming or start to become expensive. So how can you get more views on your YouTube videos without these problems? This method is how to get more views on your YouTube videos by showing up prominently in […]

Can You Rank Videos in Minutes?

by Ed
  Here's How To Rank Videos in Minutes As a video marketer you need to rank videos at will. Once you have this skill under your belt you can then      concentrate a little more on quality and presentation. Doing that, leads to better conversions and more money  you will be earning online. It makes sense doesn't it? By now you will probably have quite a few video marketing courses if you are anything like me! I have loads, several good ones,   (I even have my own that sells for $27 but you can get for free on […]

How to Create the Right Backlinks for YouTube Videos

by Ed
  The Right Backlinks For YouTube Videos As we approach the Festive season and you see so many video ads for this, that product and the other product... it makes your head spin doesn't it?   How are you going to compete with the Big Boys and Girls when it comes to selling products and earning money online? You may think cannot outspend their budget and you can't out-smart their marketing department if you take them head on. You would be  right on the first count but not on the second. Why? Because good or even ugly YouTube videos ranked high on […]

Google Hangout Bloomers!

by Ed
Is This The World's Worst Google Hangout? I just had a go at a Google Hangout on my own yesterday and what a mess I made of it! First of all I did not want to be on camera mostly because I am rearranging the office and am not set up just now. So I thought I would just do a voice over some slides. Well it was a disaster. And there was something that I did not fully realize... more on that in a moment. The main thing is I learned a lot from having a go... first of all […]