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How to Save Money Sending Solo Ads

by Ed Kirwan
Self-Funding Solo Ads?   Solo Ads when used correctly generally pay for themselves. I call these self-funding solo ads because that’s exactly what they do.    I explained how that works in great detail in my last post about creating a passive income online.   However, I do know from my own experience, that finding reputable solo ad sellers, paying for solo ads and even the thought of it, can be quite daunting for newcomers.   And you can make some expensive mistakes if you are not careful.   It may also be that an average price from solo ad sellers […]

How to Create Passive Income Online (Quickly and Easily)

by Ed Kirwan
Creating Passive Income Online The Easy Way How to Make Passive Income Online Part 1 The Set Up Creating a passive income online is not as difficult as many marketers would have you believe. Make a lead capture page, send traffic to it and you will make money. It’s that simple and here’s how to do it in just 2 steps. Creating Passive Income Online – Part 1 – The Set Up   Your lead capture page (squeeze page or landing page if you prefer) needs to be professional to make it high converting. That means you need a good […]

How to Write More and Work Less

by Ed
in Blog
Write a Good Post without Writing a Word If you’d like to get more writing done but don’t have the time, there’s someone I’d LOVE you to meet, particularly if your don’t have a secretary of your own (as if…)   With mine, I simply speak into HER (yes, mine is female) and she takes all my dictation and does all my writing for me. What could be better than that?   What I like about her is that the spoken word comes across better than the written word in many instances. So she listens to what I say and then writes it […]

How to Build Your Subscriber List For FREE

by Ed
No Bull List Building System   Shows You Exactly How to Build Your Subscriber List & Acquire Customers For Nothing!   With my free No Bull List Building System you will discover how to:   Step 1 – Find a product to promote that pays for your list building campaigns. Step 2 – Create a simple free report very quickly. Step 3 – Get traffic to your lead capture page and grow a large list fast. Step 4 – Check the sales data so that your campaigns are never costing you money. Step 5 – Make BIG commissions selling the kind […]

4 Hour List Building Review and Bonus

by Ed
This is a brand new list building course from Nishant Hinge.   He’s a cool dude and has put a very good program together showing you, right from the beginning, how he makes a good living by just working 4 hours per month.   Let’s have a look at it shall we?   Before we get to looking at the 4 Hour List Building Product itself, I’d like to show you my bonus or at least one of my bonuses and that’s called Timeline Optins.   It’s from another great marketer, Brett Rutley. It is no longer available to the […]