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How to Build a Profitable Niche Blog

by Ed
How to Build a Profitable Niche Blog   Let me show you how to make a profitable blog or affiliate website in just 18 minutes.   Build one or more like this and you can make passive income for life.     Let’s put some bones together before we flesh this out shall we?   The first thing you need is a domain name and website hosting. Then you will need to install WordPress onto your website. Watch the free video tutorials for all things to do with WordPress on my Resources page.   As you can see in the video  to […]
FlowLeads App

Flow Leads App Review and Bonus

by Ed
What is Flow Leads App?     FlowLeads App is a viral sales funnel building software that produces all manner of sales and lead capture pages in minutes.   Email marketing is a widely regarded as one of the most efficient ways to make money online. Once you have a good subscriber list you can market to them time after time.   Precious and his team know this and make huge sums everyday with email marketing. Now it’s your turn.   The only trouble is…   The hard part is in building a good responsive subscriber list without it costing […]
What Is Video SEO?

Easy Video SEO? Rank Your Videos In Minutes!

by Ed
What is Video SEO? Video SEO or search engine optimization is providing Google and YouTube with enough information to be able to make your video relevant for what people are searching for. Watch the video and I’ll show you how to apply it to your videos.   OK. What did you think of that?   Do you see how easily you can do that? Now you can rank your videos very quickly without all the tiresome, time consuming keyword research you normally have to do.   I know that seems fairly obvious now and this post is not designed to be the definitive […]
How To Rank Videos in 10 Minutes

How to Rank Videos in 10 Minutes

by Ed
If you want to know how to rank videos on Google and YouTube fast these are the steps that I take and you can copy them for the same or similar results.    Watch while I rank a product review video on YouTube in 2 minutes and Google in 30.     Prerequisites Obviously you have to make your video and name it for your keyword/s.   Write an original description, do your keyword research and have both your text and keywords ready just to copy and pate into the description box.   As an extra step you should go […]
Jim Daniels' 2017 Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File Review

Done for you email campaigns?

by Ed
Jim Daniels’ 2017 Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File Review Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File is a product by Jim Daniels where he giving is giving away his best high converting emails along with a list of best selling internet marketing affiliate products.   These are products that Jim has been successfully selling over the last 2 years and they are very up-to-date and evergreen products.   Get Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File Here   Why You Might Need This The problem for many people starting out in email marketing is that they find it very hard to write emails, especially […]