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How to Make Money From CPA

Of all the marketing methods and strategies, there’s a definite wrong way and a right way to go about CPA marketing.

“CPA” stands for “cost per action” – and (unlike Pay-Per-Click, where, no matter what action is taken, you are still credited simply for the click- through), a specific action has to be taken by the person clicking through, before you can receive any compensation.

Some of these actions could be:

Providing an email address

Providing a name and email address

Providing a zip code

Providing a phone number

Providing full contact information

Making a purchase

You particularly need to know what you’re doing, if you’re planning to experiment with CPA marketing, because the results in a huge percentage of all cases are typically small – often less than the sign-up fee, if there is one or any PPC ads you may be using to drive people to your offer.

And there are definitely certain CPA areas that pay significantly better than others. You need to know what these are, so you can make sure you use them wisely and well.

I have compiled “Cash in with CPA” as a thank you for being a reader of my blog, you can download “Cash in with CPA” for free here.

One method I have used is with delivering CPA offers is  the well known Trust Jacker WordPress plugin. Its a good tool. However, recently I came across an alternative to TrustJacker that doesn’t require a website and its only $10 compared to $39.95.

For the next 2 weeks you can win a copy of Stealth Jacker Pro here.

I hope that helps you with earning more money online over the next few weeks 🙂

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