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  Here’s How To Rank Videos in Minutes

As a video marketer you need to rank videos at will. Once you have this skill under your belt you can then      concentrate a little more on quality and presentation. Doing that, leads to better conversions and more money  you will be earning online.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

By now you will probably have quite a few video marketing courses if you are anything like me! I have loads, several good ones,   (I even have my own that sells for $27 but you can get for free on this page) and you will have some that were not worth the money you paid. That’s life of course but you probably can get some little bit of knowledge even from the poor ones that help a bit.

Have you noticed that it is getting a little bit tougher to rank videos on YouTube now. Maybe not for low competition and local business stuff but for competitive markets, yes! So what are you going to do? Giving up is not an option here. What you need is to dig a little deeper and do something that works.


So that’s the problem, what’s the answer?

Google Hangouts!

Yes, its as simple as that… almost. Google, as you know, favours its own products and properties. YouTube is owned by Google so gets preferential treatment in their search engine. Since Google took over its slowly getting harder to rank YouTube videos  (if you stick with the usual tried and tested methods*) as they change the algorithms to resemble Google.

The good news is, if you use Hangouts (which are newer and Google’s own product) they are automatically given star treatment and rise to the top if you use one or two little tricks to help them on their way. What’s the main trick? I’ll tell you.

Just before you go live on the Hangout, look down to the right hand bottom corner where it says “Links”. Click on it and copy those to a notepad or Word document or whatever you prefer. Now, before you do anything else, take either the embed code or the YouTube video link and paste it into 3 or 4 or 5 social media sites.  (This software cuts down the time involved)  The amount you do will depend on the competitiveness of the market. You will have to use your judgement based on common sense and a little experience. Try it… you’ll be amazed!

And don’t worry, you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to like I did in the Email Insider Review video below. You can just use the screen share function which you will see in the video.

So now you know how to rank YouTube videos on page 1 of Google with ease, what are you going to do with this new skill? My suggestions are to promote your own products and build lists in your niches. If you don;t want to do that right now you could look for recurring income products and mid-ticket products. These convert the best for me using videos. 😉

Here is the video I ranked on Google for keywords in 33 minutes.  If I had thought o look earlier I probably could have shown you it was ranked in under 5 minutes but who cares?  It’s there and is another building block to me earning money online!

If you need help with your email marketing I do recommend Rob’s course. It’s first class.


* Tried and tested method in brief – Keyworded title, full and optimized description, link to video in description,  keyords in the Tags, title in the annotations. Then send some views, Likes and backlinks as necessary.

Thanks for reading this far!  If it is not enough information  let me know and I’ll make a fuller report.  If you like this post or have any questions, please leave a comment and share it with your friends.


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