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How to Find Buyer Keywords


Keyword research is fundamental to any online promotions and can be tough at times. What is even tougher is finding good buyer keywords. Well those problems are a thing of the past with this easy to use Buyers Keyword Tool.


For those who do not know what to do with their list of buyer keywords and I spotted quite a few on the Warrior Forum thread I have a special bonus for you. It will get you up and running in no time.


Meanwhile let’s see how this tool actually works.

Buyers Keyword Tool Standard and Pro Editions.

You are probably aware, that you can go to Google and get instant suggestions on what keywords people are searching for. That is all well and good, but there is a better way to find more valuable keywords and that is buyer keywords. Why are they more valuable?

Because these people are actively looking to spend money. And Amazon is the perfect place to do that.

You see, we know that every person that goes to Amazon is looking to buy a product so we can use that knowledge to find the most valuable keywords.

If you go to Amazon, you will see that you can enter any word. It will give you suggestions of keyword phrases which contain or start with that word. However, the problem is that it only gives you a limited number of words.

A clever way to get more keywords is to enter the keyword and then each letter of the alphabet. What Buyer Keyword Software does is to take the keyword that you enter and to go through every letter of the alphabet. It will then give you all keyword phrases which start with that letter.

And then will deliver you a full list of keywords which start with your original keyword phrase. There are two version of this script, standard and pro. The standard searches in all departments by default. The pro version has a few more options.

For example, you can choose which department whether that is kindle or books or electronics meaning that you can get results returned for a particular kind of product. In addition, with the pro version, you can go several levels deep.

What that means is, if I choose “watches” and go two levels deep, it will return:

watches adidas and then all watches adidas ‘a’ keywords.

For example: watches adidas adh2101

which will build you a massive list of buyer keywords.

There are a couple of other similar tools out there which are being sold for up to $47 but this is a lot less although it will not be for sale for much longer. Basically this is just a “heads up” because if you go to the sales page you will see that it is going to be taken down very soon. If you want this then act now before it is too late. Once it is removed so will this post.

Click here now if you want to get the Buyers Keyword Tool


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  • Alex
    January 6, 2016

    There is a critical shortage of inmavfotire articles like this.

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