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Google Hangout Bloomers!

by Ed
Is This The World’s Worst Google Hangout? I just had a go at a Google Hangout on my own yesterday and what a mess I made of it! First of all I did not want to be on camera mostly because I am rearranging the office and am not set up just now. So I thought I would just do a voice over some slides. Well it was a disaster. And there was something that I did not fully realize… more on that in a moment. The main thing is I learned a lot from having a go… first of all […]

Buyer Keyword Software

by Ed
How to Find Buyer Keywords   Keyword research is fundamental to any online promotions and can be tough at times. What is even tougher is finding good buyer keywords. Well those problems are a thing of the past with this easy to use Buyers Keyword Tool.   For those who do not know what to do with their list of buyer keywords and I spotted quite a few on the Warrior Forum thread I have a special bonus for you. It will get you up and running in no time.   Meanwhile let’s see how this tool actually works. Buyers […]

YouTube Ranking Software

by Ed
YouTube Ranking Software Can you really get to page 1 of Google after a few clicks? Essentially the answer is YES! Of course there is just a little more to it than that but this is about as easy as it gets. YouTube Ranking Software is a video ranking training course and everything is fully explained in the manual that comes with it. There is an option to buy “over the shoulder” videos as Jimmy walks you through all the steps you will be taking. It is very useful if you are not sure or are just starting out. Inside the software […]