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Tried & Tested Selling Techniques

by Ed
The Art of Selling According to Harv When I was a kid I used to get up to all sorts of mischief. I was always poking around, trying this and discovering new ways to do that. I was inquisitive you might say. My father would patiently show me how to do something and I always had to find a "better" way to do it... much to my Dad's frustration! He would always try to tell me there was an art to doing something well and I should try to keep it simple and keep it honest. Well he was a police detective so he […]

16 List Building Techniques

by Ed
List building has changed over the years. Some of the methods that worked 6 or 7 years ago do still work well today but there are new tools to work with too. What you will see shortly is a combination of new and old list building techniques that I’ve used over these past few years and are working now. I'll only share what's working RIGHT NOW. With the older techniques, you'll see how I've adapted them to keep them functional. This not just the tactics themselves, but some I’ll tell you which ones have built me the most subscribers and which […]

How To Write Sales Pages Quickly

by Ed
in Blog
Writing sales pages is a skillful and laborious task. There are people charging fortunes to write good sales copy - think Frank Kern! Sadly we can't all be as good as him, much as you and I may like to be, the guy's a natural and a genius in my book. However there are more than one way to skin a cat so lets have a look at that. Without ever copying someone else's work, you can study what they have written and if it appeals to you or you know that it is selling products, model your sales pages on […]

Free CPA Marketing Training & Resources

by Ed
There is a lot of buzz about CPA marketing right now so lets have a look at it in more detail. You can easily start earning money online by capitalizing on CPA (Cost per Action) Marketing. The first step is to sign up to become an affiliate of a CPA network.   You may be daunted by this first step but please don't worry. Its not as hard as you may think. Let me explain the process and give you access to some great CPA Marketing training and resources for nothing.   CPA networks acts as the middlemen in this business. […]

Why Work Backwards When Creating Sales Funnels?

by Ed
The question you may ask is "Why Work Backwards?" I want to talk briefly about why I work backwards and how it works. You see, by working backwards, using this method, you can create your whole sales funnel quicker than ever. You should also know before we start that this kind of marketing applies for digital products, physical products and benefits all kinds of services both online and offline. If you work on your sales funnel from the front to the back, then you can experience what is called 'writer's block'. Once you understand how the brain works, how it thinks […]