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This is a brand new list building course from Nishant Hinge.


He’s a cool dude and has put a very good program together showing you, right from the beginning, how he makes a good living by just working 4 hours per month.


Let’s have a look at it shall we?


Before we get to looking at the 4 Hour List Building Product itself, I’d like to show you my bonus or at least one of my bonuses and that’s called Timeline Optins.


It’s from another great marketer, Brett Rutley. It is no longer available to the public but that when it was available it was selling for $97. It will help you with your list building by being able to put your subscriber box under your video directly onto a Facebook page.


The 4 Hour List Building program is very well laid out in 6 PDF’s


There is no fluff, Nishant gets right to the point.



The first report covers what he is going to talk about and the setting up of the 10-minute Funnel. He has a very crafty little twist in that report that does save you an awful lot of time, effort and brain power when it comes to knowing exactly what to write.


The very profitable traffic sources he refers to not new but it does emphasize the fact that the both work. One is free, the other is paid traffic.


I’m not giving too much away but that unpaid traffic source is YouTube.  


That’s something that I can help you with too.


4 Hour List Building Review Report 4


The technical setup actually shows you how he sets up the lead capture or squeeze pages and it’s very simple to follow and is accompanied with videos.


The list building cheat codes is a very well written report. I’m not going to give you too much for that but it will help your conversions enormously.


There are two extra bonuses included and these will help you in picking the right products and scaling your business so that you can get up to a hundred thousand dollars per month or more.


Check out my SuperWhammo DeLuxe Bonus here:

4 Hour List Building Bonus



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