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How to Find Your Target Audience

by Ed
How to Find Your Target Audience When you are promoting anything you want to reach the most responsive prospects. The tighter you can target your promotions the better your return on effort or money will be. Facebook has a good way to sort out your demographics but its not perfect. You can still end up paying more than you need to if you are not targeted enough. My video will show you another way to find your target audience more accurately.   3 Free Tools to Find Your Target Audience & Save Money on Ads http://google.com¬†will help you to find […]

Marketers do the stupidest things

by Ed
in Blog
I’ve seen some weird stuff in my time.   But nothing beats the craziness that happens when you get a panel of millionaire marketers and turn a camera on.   ūüôā   These guys just can’t help but try and outdo one another.   Out-strategizing, out-sharing and out-secret-revealing their buddies – it’s so much fun to watch.   And the best part?   If you’re lucky enough to be present you get to benefit from “copying” all their strategies and deploying them in your business right away.   That’s what happened at the recent Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp.   People went […]

Here’s How To Get More Traffic

by Ed
“If I knew then¬†what I know now”   How many times have you heard that?   Today, I’m saying this is what I’d do about¬†traffic.   If you already know this¬†then you should be¬†out there doing, not reading this!   If not, maybe your traffic problems will be finally over.   Actually while we’re on it, I remember Jason Fladlien¬†introduced me to the learning and applying ratio.¬†In the beginning you spend most of your time¬†learning. You do very little applying.   So for every 10 hours learning, you might only¬†spend an hour or so taking action.   As time goes […]
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