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Cash in with CPA Offers

by Ed
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  How to Make Money From CPA Of all the marketing methods and strategies, there’s a definite wrong way and a right way to go about CPA marketing. “CPA” stands for “cost per action” – and (unlike Pay-Per-Click, where, no matter what action is taken, you are still credited simply for the click- through), a specific action has to be taken by the person clicking through, before you can receive any compensation. Some of these actions could be: Providing an email address Providing a name and email address Providing a zip code Providing a phone number Providing full contact information […]

Trust Jacker Alternative

by Ed
You have no doubt heard of TrustJacker. Its a WordPress plugin that allows you to “Hi-Jack” other people’s pages by putting a popup on that page. The idea is to take credibility, authority and trust of others to promote CPAs, affiliate offers and your products.  Because you would be using a popular and or authority page it looks like any ad or promotion is coming from them and not you. Pretty smart eh? Now Trust Jacker is a great tool, I have it and use it. It has some great features like social network sharing tools but can be a bit cumbersome. You […]

Cliff Carrigan was wrong!

by Ed
Cliff Carrigan is a first class marketer and a good friend of mine… but sometimes even he can make a mistake! Although he doesn’t think so… He wrote and told me he wasn’t promoting Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine because he thought it would be the same old, same old. You know the thing… grab a few snippets from the sales page, send out the swipe emails and add as many relevant bonuses as you can to out-bonus the gurus… Wrong, wrong, wrong! In my opinion this is much better than the usual affiliate sales and list building coaching products. See what you […]

Facebook is time whore

by Ed
Yes, I went there. Most marketers waste wayyyyy too much time on Facebook. It’s not just the black hole of the Newsfeed either… Cat videos, dumb-ass quizzes and braindead memes are one thing. But even if you’re super-disciplined trying to generate free traffic to your offers on FB it’s a right royal pain in the tush. Sure. You can stump up cash for paid ads but let’s be honest – we prefer the free methods right? Well I’m happy to report I’ve found a new way to get free traffic (and a lot of it) and all it takes is […]

They call it the secret UTM Project…

by Ed
I remember seeing his picture for the first time. He looked more like 14 than 19 years old. “This is the wunderkid raking in hundreds of dollars a day as an affiliate?” I was shocked. So I delved deeper… He’d dropped out of college choosing USD over PHD. Smart move. Then I saw his dossier on “the UTM project” that would change his fate forever. I was skeptical of the claims. Over $600 in a day without using paid ads? Hmmm. Making money in 17 minutes as an affiliate without a list? I had to see this. I went through […]