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dave.galeList building has changed over the years. Some of the methods that worked 6 or 7 years ago do still work well today but there are new tools to work with too.

What you will see shortly is a combination of new and old list building techniques that I’ve used over these past few years and are working now. I’ll only share what’s working RIGHT NOW.

With the older techniques, you’ll see how I’ve adapted them to keep them functional.
This not just the tactics themselves, but some I’ll tell you which ones have built me the most subscribers and which ones are working the best for me right now.

I don’t want you to look at this as just another blog post, rather, I want you to look at it as if it’s life changing knowledge and information because it doesn’t matter if it’s written on a toilet wall. It’s powerful stuff.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on audio.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on video.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in a PDF.

It doesn’t matter if someone is teaching it to you one-on-one over the phone or through a webinar or in a coaching group; it’s all information,.

This information is among the most powerful that I’ve come across recently.

List building has been the key to my success over recent years and I have a lot of people to
thank for that. But I will pat myself on the back because I went out of my way to explore, study and apply all of these list building techniques and more.

The first thing you need to know and really take on board, is that any business making sales depends on fresh leads.

You need a constant flow of new leads coming into your business on a daily basis.

I started by aiming to generate 250 subscribers per day.

You might be thinking, that’s a lot of subscribers or I can’t do that or it’s going to be too expensive.

For rapid growth you will need to go down the paid route; as my buddy Cliff Carrigan says, “You gotta get some skin in the game”  Cliff-Carigan

So yes, there are some great paid lead sources and there are also very good free ones that you can use. I know, I’ve done and continue to do a lot with videos for example. I use them to build up my lists to generate 250 or more subscribers per day.

Once you hit 250 subscribers per day or more, then it’s all a matter of focusing on converting them. After that its a matter of doing the same list building techniques that work for you and then keep doing it over and over and over again. (This is where outsourcing your work comes in 😉

Converting your subscribers is another matter and the subject of another post. I will say this. The bulk of your money will come from the newest subscribers on your list. The older a subscriber is, particularly free subscribers, the less responsive they become. This is especially true if you’re an affiliate marketer.

If you’re a product creator its a different matter in many ways. You do teaching webinars or Google Hangouts and such to interact more than you can do with just emails. Some of your older subscribers are the most profitable subscribers because you have a rapport and they enroll in all of your classes; all of your $1,000 classes and whatnot.

As an affiliate, unless you are a very good email marketer, you rarely have that retention.

When you’re a product creator, I’ve found it’s easier to keep your subscribers engaged, for some reason. That’s one of the reasons why I’m starting to create more and more products now, although over the years I’ve been mainly an affiliate for other people.

This is why, as an affiliate marketer, your main focus should be building fresh leads and keep those leads coming in on a daily basis.

Go for at least 250 leads a day.

What I’ve written above is a precis of the thoughts of multi-million dollar marketer and all round good guy, Dave Gale. Although he is far wealthier than me, I am in total agreement with what is said as this is what I do too.

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